Officially reduced comment on Faumuina

Officially reduced comment on Faumuina

This is news that Ugo Mola must have received favorably. On May 21, during the Top 14 Match Day 25 and a trip to Brive, Charlie Fomoena received a red card in the 18th minute for a dangerous ground clearance on Luka Gabaridze. As a result, the New Zealand column appeared before the National Rugby League (NRL) Disciplinary Committee. Charlie Fomoena, who was initially suspended for six weeks, lamented his gesture. An admission of guilt, which allowed him to cut his sentence in half. Thus, the column could not be available before a potential Top 14 final. However, in order to further reduce this penalty, the leaders of Toulouse decided to activate a “process master contact” with World Rugby.

Faumuina was rehabilitated a week ago

Charlie Faumuena was suspended for the big win over Biarritz at the end of the regular season and then during the play-off against La Rochelle, Charlie Faumuena will be able to face off on Friday at the Allianz Riviera in Nice for a semi-final match. The top 14 to face the defending champion against Custer. Indeed, the Toulouse Column complied with the obligations imposed by the “Main Communication Process”. A system implemented by World Rugby that “allows any player who has been sanctioned with a red card to request that the disciplinary body replace the last week of their suspension with the creation of an “intervention technique training or workshop associated with the defective technical gesture,” the LNR defines in a press release. Method, Charlie Fomoena sees his initial suspension reduced from three to two weeks, allowing him to qualify again.

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