Offer: Vaccination while waiting for order in a fast food restaurant

Offer: Vaccination while waiting for order in a fast food restaurant

Wellington – “Along with fried chicken, do you want the vaccine, too?” It’s a question New Zealanders may soon hear when they head to a fast food restaurant. In fact, the government plans to cooperate with the most famous restaurant chains to increase the vaccination rate in the country. Currently, Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson told RNZ today, the government is in talks with Kentucky Fried Chicken.

New Zealanders are famous for their love of fast food: they have one of the largest density of KFC and McDonald’s in the world, compared to the population. When the lockdown was eased in Auckland a few days ago, citizens stormed many of the city’s fast-food restaurants (open only in express check-in mode). Before lowering the alert level, police stopped two gang members as they attempted to enter Auckland. With the excess stem of Kentucky Fried Chicken food.

Currently, 64.5% of New Zealanders have received at least one dose, while 34.5% have received both doses. Today there were 16 new cases across the country.

A similar approach has also been adopted by the United States, where vaccination vans have also positioned themselves in fast-food parking lots.

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