Oceania Open Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships: Polynesia placed fourth in New Zealand in its debut

Oceania Open Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships: Polynesia placed fourth in New Zealand in its debut

With 7 medals, including one gold, the youth of the Taravao club “Tahitian Fighting Spirit” in particular won over the top teams: Great Britain, Brazil and Australia.

The 2024 Oceania Bjj Open was held over two days, April 13 and 14, in New Zealand. Four clubs from Tahiti traveled to Maori lands, including six athletes from the Taravao “Tahitian Fighting Spirit” club, and the event attracted more than 1,000 competitors from 40 countries (New Zealand, Brazil, France, China, USA, Spain, etc.). .). ).

Their coach, Tiahi Ewers, president of the Tahiti Fighting Spirit Club, expressed his satisfaction with the performance of his members: “This is our first participation. We only had a small team of 5 athletes. We won during battles against major countries that I was used to.” In this competition, like Australia, Brazil or Great Britain, I think of Tanwai Hamblin's (-39.5kg) win in the “No Kimono” category, where he won by submission over a New Zealand competitor who arrived first the day before. It's part of Tanwai's revenge.

Tiahi Yurs, coach and president of the club, won two silver medals in the G and Nogi categories

Day 1 Result – GI Competition (Saturday, April 13)


Silver: Tanway Hamblin – 40.8 kg

Share: Tiwanoa Boards -36.3 kg

grown ups

Bronze: IORSS Tiahi -100.2kg

Participant: Hiata Sanford -68 kg

Participation: Teraiatua BORDES +100.2 kg

Teanuanua puts pressure on his opponent's back by initiating a “Sproll”, a technique that consists of spreading his feet as wide as possible to prevent the opponent from grabbing him while pressing his chest.

Day 2 Result – NOGI Competition (Sunday, April 14)

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Gold: Tanway Hamblin – 39.5 kg

Bronze: Tiwanoa Burdis – 34.9 kg

grown ups

money :

Tiahi IORSS -98.4 kg

Hiata Sanford – 66.2 kg

Terayatua Burdis +98.4 kg

4 Polynesian clubs were represented at the 2024 Oceania BJJ Open, including 2 from Tahiti and 2 from Moorea.

In the overall ranking by country, Tahiti ranks fourth out of 40 registered countries.

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