Nvidia is ending GameStream functionality for Shield TVs

Nvidia is ending GameStream functionality for Shield TVs

Nvidia’s Shield TVs are known to be among the best multimedia boxes thanks to their power and functionality. One of those things is about to be removed: GameStream. This makes it possible to broadcast a 4K video game at 60 frames per second to a TV equipped with a Shield TV, which is rendered by the computer equipped with a GeForce GTX or RTX graphics card, and the video stream passing through the local network.

Nvidia plans to end GameStream in mid-February by updating the Nvidia Games app on the Shield. the FAQ posted for this occasion It specifies that GameStream will work until this date and that users who refrain from updating their shield will still be able to enjoy it, but without any guarantee of operation.

If you’re a fan of GameStream, Nvidia advises you to go for the Steam Link function built into Steam which offers the same possibilities, although limited to games in your Steam library. Alternative, Moonlight implementation which is based on an open source implementation of the protocol used by GameStream.

With such a decision, Nvidia will force PC gamers on TV to look elsewhere to keep their habits. That’s fine, Nvidia has a paid solution for them: GeForce Now from €9.99 per month.

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