‘Not vaccinating is a selfish decision’

Former world number one Rafael Nadal believes that refusing to be vaccinated is “a little selfish” and has urged others to believe in science and vaccination against COVID-19.

“I understand that some people don’t want to be vaccinated, but I think it’s a bit selfish. We’ve been through a lot. We don’t know one hundred percent about the effects of vaccines, but we have to trust the doctors.

What we do know is the effect of the virus if we are not vaccinated. As revealed by We Love Tennis, Nadal told Marca, apparently, we are currently the least affected country by the virus and I think that’s because we have a large portion of the population that has been vaccinated.

Nadal, 35, is recovering from a foot injury

Nadal ended his season in August to recover from a foot injury. Recently, ESPN tennis expert Patrick McEnroe said that Nadal could win three more titles at Roland Garros if he stays healthy.

“If he stays healthy, he (Nadal) could win one to three more Roland Garros,” said McEnroe, an analyst at ESPN, according to Tennessee magazine. “It’s a reasonable point.

It’s hard to say he can win many other majors at this point. “Nadal is in the last stage of his career but he insists he is not afraid of life without tennis.

“I try as much as possible not to think about my age. I will retire when I am not feeling refreshed physically and mentally. I also realize now how much I love tennis and have a real privilege to play all this time.

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Then, when my racket is off, I will devote more time to my foundation, which supports economically disadvantaged children. But the truth is that I am not at all afraid of life without tennis,” Nadal recently told Number Web.

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