North Korea sends new balloons filled with garbage

North Korea sends new balloons filled with garbage

In two waves last week, the North Korean regime launched hundreds of balloons weighed down with bags full of garbage towards its southern neighbor.


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South Korean soldiers inspect the contents of waste balloons sent from North Korea in Incheon (South Korea), June 2, 2024. (AP/SIPA)

North Korea once again sent balloons filled with garbage to South Korea on Saturday, June 8, the South Korean military said. The Joint Chiefs of Staff advise the public not to touch them and to report spotted balloons to authorities. A few hours ago, the South Korean military announced that it was on alert for the possible arrival of such balloons, which it then planned to do on Sunday.

In two waves last week, North Korea launched hundreds of balloons to its southern neighbor, burdened with bags filled with various garbage. “sincere gifts” Which, according to her, aims to respond to the sending of balloons loaded with propaganda towards its territory by South Korean activists. Pyongyang announced on Sunday, June 2, that it would stop these measures.

However, a few days later, an organization of South Korean activists, “Fighters for a Free North Korea”He said he sent ten balloons to the north of the peninsula carrying 200,000 leaflets against North Korea's number one Kim Jong Un and USB keys containing South Korean pop music.

Another group, made up of North Korean defectors, said it also sent ten balloons containing 200,000 anti-Pyongyang leaflets on Friday, as well as 100 radios and USB sticks containing a speech by South Korean President Yeon Suk-yul. Jang Si-yeol, the leader of these dissidents, confirmed on Saturday that his organization would not stop its campaign. “Will Kim Jong Un send garbage balloons again or not?”. North Korea warned that it would respond with “waste paper and garbage” in quantities 100 times larger if it sent leaflets to South Korea.

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