North Korea launches a “space missile”, but announces the failure of its spy satellite

North Korea launches a “space missile”, but announces the failure of its spy satellite

North Korea launched what it claims to be “space rocket”Today, Thursday, August 24, 2023, the South Korean army announced the morning of the first day of the period set by Pyongyang for its second attempt to put a satellite into orbit.

Two hours later, the North Korean authorities announced the failure of launching this spy satellite through the official agency Korean Central News Agencyasserting that it was not “Not a serious problem” It promises a successful launch in October.

“The first and second stages of the missile’s flight were normal, but the launch failed due to a fault in the emergency launch system during the third stage of flight.”according to the letter Korean Central News Agency received in seoul..

The South Korean news agency quoted the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff YonhapIt had said earlier that Pyongyang had opened fire What North Korea claims is a space launch vehicle.without further details.

The launch of this spacecraft was first reported by the Japanese government, which indicated that North Korea launched a suspected ballistic missile that flew over Japanese territory.

Pyongyang notified Japan on Tuesday that the launch would take place between August 24 and 31, prompting Tokyo to mobilize the ships and put its PAC-3 missile defense system on alert.

Nuclear threats

Seoul called for such a launch “illegal” Because it violates UN sanctions that prevent North Korea from conducting experiments with ballistic technology used in missile and space launches.

The shooting came days after the leaders of the United States, South Korea and Japan met in the United States, at a meeting where North Korea’s nuclear threats were a major point of discussion.

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In May, North Korea attempted to launch what it described as its first military reconnaissance satellite, but the missile it was carrying fell into the sea minutes after takeoff.

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