Normandy turn.  Florian Lemonnier runs the interior design shop Espace Coatings

Normandy turn. Florian Lemonnier runs the interior design shop Espace Coatings

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After 7 years at the helmCoatings areaJean-Jacques Latron – for whom “customer advice” and “proximity” were the core business, hands over to Florian Lemonnier.

Since December 21, 2023, the 38-year-old Verwa has been in charge Interior decoration storeBischwiller Street in Ver Normandyin Calvados.

New: Installation and delivery

Florian Lemonnier He has been a professional staircase professional for 15 years, both in Saint-Sevre Calvados and in… Bazogis la perros.

Then he obtained a diploma in Master in Construction, before setting out on his own for two and a half years as a freelancer. At this time he became a client ofCoatings area.

“One fine day, last September, Jean-Jacques told me that he would sell me the store. I came back an hour later with a page of questions. This convinced me. From there, the accounting project, the lawyer, etc. has been prepared, Until the end of the day “, explains the new boss, who will continue to rely on the knowledge of Veronique, the saleswoman who has been working there for many years.

Paints, wallpaper, flooring… Coatings area He also has something new: installation and delivery. For any quote: 06 85 70 87 82.

Painting area, Bischwiller Street, Vire. This is amazing. 02 31 67 37 01. Opening hours: Monday 2pm – 7pm; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 7pm. Saturday 9:30am – 12pm and 2pm – 6:30pm Closed Monday and Sunday mornings.

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