No, there is no quarantine camp for people with Covid-19

No, there is no quarantine camp for people with Covid-19


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From the US to France via Brazil, many internet users are protesting the stigmatization of people with Covid-19, based on a video montage.

Will there be quarantine camps for COVID patients in New Zealand? United States to me France passes through BrazilMany netizens are protesting against this stigma.

It is based on a video montage that hand mixes an excerpt from a briefing by the Director-General of the New Zealand Ministry of Health announcing that anyone who tests positive for Covid-19 should be placed in ” Quarantine facility On the other hand, a video showing the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, declaring that people who ” refuse to be tested اختبار “After two weeks in seclusion, you should stay there.” fourteen days ».

This montage was repeated many times, until the American Fox News Channel presented its presenter Curator Laura Ingraham invites comment on restrictions on freedoms in New Zealand. These two videos are original, but they do not at all prove the existence of concentration camps.

The reality is completely different. If the government asks positive people or people arriving in the country to self-isolate in designated places, it’s not about camps but hotels, for the most part.

In response to Fox News, many residents of these institutions have also interacted on social networks, often with humor, to deny the camps’ existence and to ensure they are treated well during their time of isolation. Decentox called him, one even pointed out that ” Very proud “Out of the way” Home runs the epidemic ».

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