No, the Rugby World Cup isn’t that long…

No, the Rugby World Cup isn’t that long…

We’re reading it more and more, these comments from (fake) rugby fans, who complain about the length of the World Cup group stage. The World Federation did not listen to them and is studying the possibility of 20 to 24 countries participating in the upcoming international meetings. Why when so many posters look unbalanced? Because the stadiums are full, the drinks are flowing and the crowd is there, even for a one-way Scotland-Romania match.

The rest will follow after this announcement

This week, the French national team was not playing, and it was time to regain its strength and Antoine Dupont, who joined the blue group in Aix-en-Provence and trained with his partners. In the first group, the New Zealanders crushed the Blues’ future rivals, Italy (96-17), while Uruguay achieved its first victory over Namibia (36-26). In the second group, Scotland crushed Romania (84-0) and can still dream of qualifying for the quarter-finals if it wins over Ireland. In the third group, the Fiji national team took another step towards the abyss by defeating Georgia (17-12), and Australia often has the honor of beating Portugal (34-14). In the fourth group, Japan defeated Samoa (28-22), while Argentina crushed Chile (59-5).

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