No more passwords, Microsoft supports passkeys: that’s how it works

No more passwords, Microsoft supports passkeys: that’s how it works

Passwords are out! However, this is what Microsoft wants by applying passkeys to all its user accounts.

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Therefore, Microsoft joins Apple or even Google in the offer Pass keysOr security keys as Microsoft calls them.

the Pass keysAccess keys, or access keys in French, are a new authentication method that aims to replace traditional passwords.

It works using facial recognition, fingerprint, or PIN from your device. Once enabled, it allows you to sign in to any service, including Xbox.

At Microsoft, you can enter your passkey using Windows Hello, which will take into account the facial or fingerprint recognition data you’ve configured. If you have a password manager like 1Password or Dashlane, you can store your passkey and use it later on any computer or mobile device.

Why are passkeys more secure than passwords?

You may be wondering why you would use a passkey instead of a strong, unique password with two-factor authentication (2FA) configured. Well, passkeys provide superior protection against data breaches.

First, Microsoft only keeps your public key, which cannot be used to determine your private key. The passkeys are then associated with the service they were created for, preventing fraudulent sites from stealing your credentials. This means that additional two-factor authentication is not necessary.

How to use passkeys in Microsoft?

To use your Microsoft passkey, simply select the option Login options When you log in to your account (Via this link). You can then select the authentication method you prefer: face, fingerprint, PIN, or security key.

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A security window will then open on your device, and you can use your passkey to sign in. Today, you can use a passkey to access Microsoft apps and websites, including Microsoft 365, Xbox, and Copilot on desktop and mobile browsers. Microsoft mobile app support will follow in the coming weeks.

Source: Screenshot from Frandroid

If you want to use passkeys to access business apps and services, your administrator can configure your Microsoft Entra ID to accept passkeys stored on your device security key or in the Microsoft Authenticator app installed on your mobile device.

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