No, France is not condemned to choose the past.

No, France is not condemned to choose the past.

toAndrew McAfee is a research fellow at the MIT Sloan School of Management and co-founder and co-director of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, a leading innovation research organization. Author More less Based on The Second Machine Ageco-written with Erik Brynjolfsson, and recently published The Geek Waya major publishing success in the United States with a foreword by Reid Hoffman, co-author of LinkedIn.

Andrew McAfee was educated at MIT and Harvard. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is a crossword puzzle and motorcycle enthusiast, and never misses a Red Sox baseball game. the pointHe looks back at the ongoing technological acceleration and reflects on how France, currently plagued by doubts, can benefit from it.

the point : How do you see the development…

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