NKD puzzle is growing fast and needs space to grow

NKD puzzle is growing fast and needs space to grow

After being crowded into the distillery building, the company moved to Fallout Street.

What a long way we’ve come in the past four years! After testing their idea in a Context’art incubator, Julien and Christophe launched themselves two years ago by setting up their company to design and manufacture toys, puzzles and boxes from local, made in Lodève wooden puzzles, NKD Puzzle. The two directors, already packed into their distillery, moved in June to rue Joseph Fallot, opposite the college and the André Beaumont sports complex.

Boxes are shipped worldwide

“We’re a little crazy! We left together, there are twelve of us today, not to mention a few subcontractors”The two who dared, tested and prepared… they moved into a room that had been improved to 345 square metres, smiled. “Part of the team and the machinery is still in the distillery. Here we started outfitting different spaces, using as much wood as possible.” Even if there is still work to be done, everything has been thought through, from the reception to the storage area and cargo area. “We ship items to 55 countries, many of them to France but also to the United States, England and Germany”Julian continues. Packed with mechanics and creativity, Mecanigma TM, Architecto TM and other Scriptum cubes TM boxes are all in the rage. 70 stores in France, about ten stores abroad also distribute NKD puzzle products.

“We have invested in three new laser cutting machines, which makes us five in total.” The room also contains workshops for creating boxes and colored varnish as well as a 3D printing room with a packing line for assembly kits. While waiting for the office and relaxation area to be finished.

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We needed new buildings while waiting to find land to build our building, with an area of ​​at least 500 square metres.” The company is also looking for a Director of Sales and Marketing to help it take a new step. “I’m still in Ludiv!Julian insists. To develop a well-started business and to allow everyone to be paid better than the minimum wage today.”

Three things, OrbchessTM, MecanigmaTM and Scriptum cubeTM, must appear in the remake of “The Game” that will be filmed this year, with Daniel O’Towell and Jamel Debbouze. More information: nkd-puzzle.com.

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