Nintendo Switch, update 12.0.2 available with various news and details -

Nintendo Switch, update 12.0.2 available with various news and details –

Nintendo Switch It gets another update in these hours, which brings system software to Version 12.0.2 And fetch some specific news that appears from details Released today, beyond standard definitions for stability and more.

L ‘Update Nintendo Switch 12.0.2 appears to have some Improvements and fixes Specific to some console components, although the official description from the company is the same: “Improvements on System stability To improve the user experience. “

However, some more specific information emerged about the changes made by the update in question. Twitter user OatmealDome, who is often concerned with tuning in data, looked at the code files in the new Nintendo Switch update and found some specific differences.

Reportedly, the Firmware Nintendo Switch 12.0.2 changed the unknown “system core components”, and refreshed the drive Bluetooth From the console and changeApplication manager (pgl), as well as various possible minor modifications to the system software.

Obviously, these are not visual changes or intended to change the user experience at the moment, but at least an update to the Bluetooth driver could lead to potential headphones supporting this standard in the near future, even if they are just speculations. This feature also appeared with update 12.0.1 published last month.

Update 12.0.0 was released in early April, so at this point we are facing the third system update for the Nintendo Switch in just over a month.

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