Nintendo Switch Pro, there is talk of a date for the new console

Among the big announcements we were expecting in 2021, there was definitely the Nintendo Switch Pro. Instead, I loved Ikea when they told you that if you like the yellow case, they give you the blue case, we have an OLED model.

Not the best of the Pro. But rumors surface periodically so let’s see if there is a way in the near future to finally see updated model from Nintendo. Is there really a need to update? This is another story.

Nintendo Switch Pro, there is talk of a date for the new console (Image: Nintendo)

If we look at sales only, for example, the answer is definitely no, there is no need to update or touch anything. Nintendo Switch is actually Control unit more Sold The year Nintendo grinds millions of dollars. Expectations make it strong even when we say goodbye to the year that just started but this time it will be only this time because of its current strength or will the model finally arrive to be defined properly PRO?

A word to the experts: This is when we might see a Nintendo Switch Pro

to speak directly about future From the console was the analyzer Harding Roll Sidewalks From amp analysis while also Serkan Tutu Kantan Games has its own little predictions that we can take into account.

Harding-Roll had already planned for 2021 An updated Switch has arrived and we’ve taken that. It is undeniable that the model with Shermo OLED Both are an improvement over the still highly regarded and sold base model. For our part we believed it all the way but then we also had to give in to the evidence. For 2022, Ampere Analysis has no doubts.

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Nintendo Switch Pro, there is talk of a date for the new console
Nintendo Switch Pro, there is talk of a date for the new console (Photo: Nintendo)

There will be no Switch Pro this year indeed sales From a Nintendo console it may start to fade slowly. In fact, according to the analyst, the Pro model will never arrive. The reason is that according to Ampere’s analysis, Nintendo is working on the next console that will likely go official in 2024.

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For Serkan Toto, in these twelve months Nintendo’s interest will not be on consoles but still on games, and in fact there will be an expansion in the mobile sector, to lend a helping hand to the still very popular Mario Kart World Tour. 2024 would be a perfect year for a new console, the Nintendo Switch came out after all in 2017: 7 years of the life cycle would be more than decent and could go on even further if Nintendo continues to produce titles for the “new” console along with the Switch releases.

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