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Nintendo is seeing a high turnover in 2020 – switch as a number engine

Tip: New switch with a bigger screen?

Competition with Sony and Microsoft: Officially no new switch planned

With its Switch game console, Nintendo has a successful model in the market: since the start of sales in 2017, nearly 80 million devices have been sold to people. During the pandemic, sales numbers have risen dramatically again, which may be partly responsible for the fact that the 2021 fiscal year must end with a new sales record. Contrary to the expectations of many Nintendo fans and investors, Nintendo may have taken the strong demand for the game console as an opportunity to plan a new release of Switch: Bloomberg reports about the launch of the new Switch later this year, citing the company- inside information.

New switch model with better display?

“People who are familiar with the plan,” leaked to Bloomberg that a new key should appear on the market before Christmas, the news agency reported. People will talk about enlarging the screen to 7 inches, and the screen should be equipped with a resolution of 720p and OLED technology from Samsung.

Bloomberg quotes Yoshio Tamura, co-founder of display consulting firm DSCC, as follows: “An OLED screen will consume less battery and will have higher contrast and possibly faster response times [] There may also be 4K graphics when the switch is connected to a TV.

Samsung plans to mass produce and ship displays starting in July

According to Bloomberg, “people with knowledge of the plan” want to remain anonymous in order to protect themselves. However, they mentioned that Samsung plans to start producing the corresponding displays in June – on a large scale: roughly 1 million units will be produced per month. Goods deliveries to Nintendo should begin in July. This should make it possible for a new transformer to be on store shelves ahead of year-end holidays.

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Nintendo must assert itself against Microsoft and Sony

The reason for the new release of the Switch could be last year’s success – in terms of competition with Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox. “[Eine] The premium version of the Nintendo console with an OLED display and 4K graphics support for Christmas 2021 business could push the company’s sales beyond consensus in the business year to March 2022 and extend the life of the Switch for many more years. ”Matthew Kanterman and Nathan Naidoo, Two analysts interviewed by Bloomberg.

Representatives of Nintendo and Samsung did not want to comment on the alleged plan. Nintendo Chairman Shuntaro Furukawa announced in February that there will be no new switch anytime soon. editorial team

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