Nintendo knows the criticisms of the N64 games on the Switch, and they're working on it, says Bowser -

Nintendo knows the criticisms of the N64 games on the Switch, and they’re working on it, says Bowser –

for a while now, nintendo Made a new service pack available for Nintendo Switch Online. Among the novelties is the possibility to play – through simulation – titles N64 So Switch. However, the performance is not entirely perfect. Now, Doug Bowser of Nintendo of America claims the company know criticism He is working on it.

cartSpeaking to The Verge, he said, “We are constantly looking for ways to make our online and gaming choices better and continue to add value with more services and more games as we go forward. We take feedback very seriously and continue to improve overall performance.” For us, the important part is the quality and great content of great value.”

Nintendo Switch OLED

The criticism From gamers, towards emulating N64 games on Switch, related issues with audio lag, graphics issues, frame rate performance limits, and online connectivity difficulties in multiplayer. Obviously, some issues can also be related to the quality of the connection, but Nintendo claims to have received the feedback.

We also know that the Nintendo Switch is the best-selling console in the US in October 2021.

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