Nightfall, a trailer with a release date for this sequel made by fans -

Nightfall, a trailer with a release date for this sequel made by fans –

Dark Souls: Nightfall It’s a very fun project. Starting with the show’s masterpiece, some fans decided to create a real follower who would, hopefully, expand Miyazaki’s world in directions that the original creators hadn’t expected. through file Trailer for a movie The team announced the release date of the game: December 21, 2021Exactly one month before Elden Ring.

With Dark Souls: Nightfall, the development team aims to get knowledge And From Software’s style of work, to give many fans something new to play and test themselves after many years of hiatus. From Software, in fact, first with Sekiro, and then with Elden Ring, it seems that he abandoned the series, in order to develop souls in new ways and in new directions.

For this reason, fans have been developing their followers, with new enemies, new gameplay mechanics and a new story. The development team’s work wants to try not to miss the original team, restore its style and expand to include New maps And present new challenges that must be met with new weapons.

Moreover, Dark Souls: Nightfall is released at the end of December, and it will be an excellent gym considering Elden Ring, the new official game from From Software, which promises to revolutionize the formula that the Japanese studio created several years ago and create a more free and expansive game and attractiveness.

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