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night news

The United States is in potential default as of June 1. On Monday, May 15, the Treasury confirmed an estimate published at the beginning of May that the world’s first economy may have been financially insolvent since the beginning of June. Joe Biden is scheduled to meet with leaders of the parliamentary opposition, including Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, on Tuesday in a bid to avert such a scenario. The Democratic president and elected officials had initially planned to meet on Friday, May 12, after the first round of discussions without making much progress on the 9th, but the meeting was postponed, and the various parties’ teams have been negotiating since. According to daily information Washington PostAnd who recently interviewed three sources familiar with the matter, the White House Republican leaders in Congress have given a list of proposals for possibly eliminating some tax loopholes […]. But the Republican negotiators rejected everything.” Joe Biden said to himself “upbeat”, Sunday. But Kevin McCarthy spoke on Monday about Attitudes [qui] Still very far.

Russia says it intercepted two NATO planes. Moscow said on Monday that it had taken off one of its military aircraft to meet French and German military aircraft over the Baltic Sea, and said it would head to “border violation” Russian, reports the National. After the foreign military aircraft turned back […]The Russian fighter returned safely to the airport. The Russian Ministry of Defense claimed on Telegram. The two aircraft involved are a German Navy P-3C Orion patrol vessel and a French Navy Atlantique 2 anti-submarine reconnaissance aircraft, according to the ministry. He made it clear that the Russian borders were not violated. Accidents of Russian aircraft and aircraft from NATO countries have multiplied in recent years, even before the start of the conflict in Ukraine. In March, in the Black Sea, Russian fighters headed to meet an American Reaper MQ-9 drone, which, after their maneuvers, crashed into the sea, causing a bout of tension between Washington and Moscow.

At least 6 dead in New Zealand hotel fire. The fire broke out overnight from Monday to Tuesday in this four-storey building in the center of Wellington, the capital. Firefighters reported saving 52 people, some of whom took refuge on the roof. But dozens more are still missing. “It’s an absolute tragedy,” On Tuesday, the Prime Minister, Chris Hipkins, responded. according to New Zealand HeraldAnd The fire started in a building built in the 1960s, which “It didn’t have automatic fire extinguishers.”

In the Netherlands, wind turbines have stopped to let migratory birds pass “first”. The Dutch government announced on Monday that the blades of these wind turbines located in the North Sea, off the villages of Borcelli and Egmond aan Zee, stopped spinning for a few hours last weekend, with a mass bird migration expected at that time. An unprecedented initiative at the global level, I was proud of this initiative. This first lockdown is part of the pilot phase of the measure that will be implemented regularly from autumn. according to NL TimesAnd “Predicting bird migration has become easier since a PhD student at the University of Amsterdam created an accurate model last year to better predict migration times about two days in advance.”

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