Night news

Night news

Pyongyang will launch three more satellites and rules out reconciliation with Seoul. North Korea plans to launch three more spy satellites in 2024 as part of its efforts to bolster its military, and Kim Jong Un has ruled out anything “reconciliation” With South Korea, the official Korean Central News Agency reported on Sunday, December 31. Last month, Remind him Korea Times, “The country succeeded in putting a spy satellite into orbit.” And “It also conducted a record number of weapons tests this year.”. The South Korean newspaper also points out this “Inter-Korean relations have reached their lowest levels this year.”.

Bulgaria and Romania will partially join the Schengen Area. Bulgaria and Romania will partially integrate the Schengen Free Movement Area into the European Union, starting March 31, the 27th night announced during the night from Saturday to Sunday. According to a statement by the European Commission, controls on air and sea borders will be lifted as of March 2024, and discussions on lifting controls on land borders will continue in the new year. Hinge CNN.

In Bolivia, Evo Morales was banned from running for president. Bolivia's Constitutional Court has banned the former Bolivian president from running in the 2025 presidential elections, after canceling the indefinite re-election clause that had allowed him to run in 2019. “Restricting the possibility of re-election indefinitely is the appropriate measure to ensure that a person does not continue in power.”He refers to the 82-page ruling, which was published on Saturday on the court's website. Description of Evo Morales “Policy” This new decision Regard Razon. With this decision “No Bolivian may hold the office of President or Vice-President for more than two terms, whether continuous or intermittent.”Decrypts the newspaper.

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