Nicolas est devenu le roi de la gaufre en Nouvelle-Zélande: “J’étais convaincu que ça marcherait, ici les gens en raffolent”

Nicholas became the king of pancakes in New Zealand: “I was convinced it would work, and people here love it”

This young Belgian fell in love with Wellington, and he successfully started his business there.

Nine years ago, Nicholas Delloyd left Belgium with the goal of touring Asia. When he arrived in Taiwan, he was already thinking about New Zealand. His first steps on the island do not leave him with lasting memories, but when he discovers Wellington, it is literally love at first sight. It will be double. “I was enchanted by this landscape that blends between sea and hills. I got a small job under working holiday visa status. Then I met my wife and settled down.”

After several jobs in the retail sector and in the banking sector, Nicolas is considering starting his own business. “I always told myself that waffles were a product with huge potential. Plus, there was a little nostalgic side to this typical Belgian product. I was convinced it would work. Here, they only know waffles made of liquid dough. Me, I introduced them to Liège cake. real and they love it.”

Since opening, in October 2019, it has been a success. “Without asking them, local and national newspapers took an interest in my producers. And word of mouth quickly spread. For passing Belgians, it also became a stopping place that became a classic. The smell of pancakes evokes the country and attracts the tourist.”

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