News: NATO’s new innovation accelerator: Strategic Directive 2023 approved, 12 December 2022

News: NATO’s new innovation accelerator: Strategic Directive 2023 approved, 12 December 2022

On December 12, 2022, the Defense Innovation Accelerators North Atlantic (DIANA) Steering Committee decided, as part of its work on Emerging and Disruptive Technologies (TE/TR), that in 2023 DIANA will focus on three areas: energy resilience, securing shared information and detection and monitoring.

DIANA 2023 strategic direction focuses on these three areas; It will make it possible to identify the first defense and security problems for which DIANA will have to find dual-use technical solutions. “This strategic direction gives the DIANA Executive Committee clear direction on the development of pilot programs that we will launch in the spring of 2023, that will benefit both the civilian and military sectors,” said David Van Wiel, acting director general of DIANA.

Work on energy resilience aims to ensure that sufficient amounts of energy are always available to carry out NATO missions and operations. The technological solutions that will be found in this field should help the allies in the event of an interruption – expected or not – in the energy supply. It may relate to measures of preparation, minimization of impacts, adaptation, or resumption of activities. Secure information sharing fulfills the need to protect data of interest, from its collection to its dissemination. It makes it possible for you to be able to regard the information derived from such data as reliable. Large-scale sensing and observation is the systematic collection of observations in the physical and numerical domains, for purposes such as situational awareness and forecasting.

The Management Committee, at its aforementioned meeting, elected its Chairman Barbara K. McCoystonDeputy Technical Director for Science and Technology of the US Department of Defense, and its Deputy Chief Imre Porkolap, Commissioner in Charge of Defense Innovation in the Hungarian Ministry of Defense.

In 2021, at the Brussels Summit, the Allies decided to create DIANA, which aims to provide financing to innovators from NATO countries working on dual-use deep technology, as well as to allow them to adapt their technologies. Faster solutions to your defense and security needs. DIANA will help ensure that the Alliance maintains technology leadership in the priority areas of big data processing, artificial intelligence (AI), autonomy, quantum technologies, biotechnology, capacity enhancement, human resources, energy and propulsion, innovative materials and advanced manufacturing processes, and aerospace. . DIANA’s charter was approved in 2022 at the Madrid summit, and its board of directors, which includes a representative from each of the alliance’s countries, and which met for the first time in October 2022, is responsible for organizational governance.

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