Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, will remain in strict lockdown for at least another week On Monday, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said it was due to the spread of the delta type of COVID-19.

The governor stressed that the city’s two million residents must respect the order to stay in their homes for the emergence of Various “mysterious cases” It cannot be linked to any of the current outbreaks.

He added, “These mysterious cases are still emerging, and the fact that we find them through controls and testing in the community and not through contact status tracing is what worries us.”

New Zealand imposed a National confinement on August 17 When the first case of the highly contagious delta variant of covid-19 was discovered.

but the The measure was lifted outside Auckland last week Because apparently all new cases have been discovered in that city.

Ardern has refused to ease Oakland’s full lockdown before September 21, but said the city may then move to a low alert level one within the country’s four-step system in response to the coronavirus.

With 33 local cases recorded in the city on MondayArdern said it was still too early to loosen the restrictions.

New Zealand is implementing a zero-tolerance strategy for COVID-19 that has allowed it to effectively control the epidemic, resulting in Only 27 dead out of five million people.

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