New Zealand’s All Blacks lift off SUV (+ video)

New Zealand’s All Blacks lift off SUV (+ video)

An SUV intercepts their bus? No problem for the famous ‘All Blacks’! Watch the video as the New Zealand national rugby team lifts the massive vehicle. Great example of coordination!

in Short video (below) posted on their social media networks All blacks Subordinate New Zealand Impressed again by them Stronge fatness And with them Coordination skills.

A four-wheel drive car on the “All Blacks” road…

Like them Performance on the field Subordinate Rugby World CupThe three-time world champions took matters into their own hands when… Their bus found itself in difficulty.

As you can see, the driver finds himself Unable to maneuver because of Land Rover Discovery SUV Parked badly. No problem for them Rugby players !

…No problem for them Rugby players !

As a team, All blacks He hardly hesitates to… Imposing SUV lift To free up traffic to the bus!

A great display of teamwork that New Zealand will need again right now To face Argentina for a place in the final of the tournament in FranceThis will be on Friday, October 20 at 9 pm.

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