New Zealanders are on edge over Celine Dion’s songs

New Zealanders are on edge over Celine Dion’s songs

Due to health problems.. Celine Dion hasn’t been on stage for a while. But his music is still very present, sometimes to the chagrin of some. If the Canadian artist’s songs are especially appreciated in New Zealand, Porirua residents are tired of constantly hearing them, reports say. Watchman Tuesday, October 24, 2023, quoted from Parisian .

In fact, the singer’s songs are regularly played during traditional musical battles called “siren battles.” These consist of playing music at the loudest possible volume, during vehicle assemblies, from speakers normally reserved for emergency sirens. The person who manages to make the loudest sound is then awarded the title of “Siren King”.

“It’s really frustrating

And if the participants in this competition mainly use Celine Dion songs, that’s because they are “very clear” And it contains “Lots of treble and little bass”As one fan of “media siren battles” explained in 2022. the offer . But this trend particularly bothers local residents, especially since these music battles continue until late into the night and deprive them of sleep.

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Additionally, these are not the Canadian star’s original titles being broadcast. “They play half a song and change it to their liking with louder voices, so it’s not like we’re listening to good music.” “, lamented Porirua Mayor Anita Baker. “It’s shaking all over the city, wherever they do it, because we’re in a swimming pool. It’s really frustrating.” The elected official added. “We need to find somewhere else for these people to go or make them stop altogether.

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Several incidents were recorded

Since February, complaints from residents have increased to denounce these disturbances, and several incidents have been recorded, according to what he said. Radio New Zealand . petition The call to stop the practice collected nearly 300 signatures and was sent to the municipality. Some even say they are ready to leave the city if nothing is done. “As much as I enjoy listening to Celine Dion in the comfort of my living room and on my speaker, I don’t enjoy listening to parts of her that stop and start anytime between 7pm and 2am. especially sorry to one local resident in the comments.

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