New Zealander Wilkinson, the goalscorer who wants to make football equal to rugby in her country

New Zealander Wilkinson, the goalscorer who wants to make football equal to rugby in her country

Hannah Wilkinson made New Zealand football history on Thursday by scoring the first goal of the 2023 World Cup, helping her country win a final for the first time. An event that gives her the opportunity to achieve her goal: to spread football and women’s sports in the archipelago.

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Hannah Wilkinson is far from a novice. On 31 Years ago, the Melbourne City forward played in four World Cups and three Olympics for New Zealand. Although, She is in the process For a great first experience this summer : The World Cup is on our soil, He plays In front of his friends and family.

For the opening match played Thursday 20 July At Auckland’s Eden Park, the striker rose to the occasion This is especially due to his speed and racing Torture of Norwegian defender Harviken. After a three-minute break, I found the error : Served by hand, the ball is sent into the back of the Norwegian net.

This goal earned him cheers from the crowd when his substitution was made at the end of the match. It also allowed her to win the “Woman of the Match” title. Above all, the goal was enough for the Football Ferns to achieve their first World Cup victory in their history. And way more : Norway, led by Ada Hegerberg, was considered the favorite of the group to me.

Although Hannah Wilkinson had already scored in her team’s previous performances (the draw against Mexico in 2011 and against China in (2015), and noted that this goal was the “greatest” of her career. “It got better because we won at home,” Wilkinson said. “It’s now my favorite target.”

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The World Cup at home she had been waiting for

Hannah Wilkinson is one of the pillars Subordinate “Fern Football.” During her artistic career she played 114 Match with His choiceAnd scored 29 Goals, gradually approaching the record set by Amber Hearn (36).

A sunny personality, his talents don’t just appear on the field. She is also a guitarist and artist. His first Talent allows him To comfort his teammates between matches. Ha The second earned him the opportunity To create a mural in Eden Park before the competition. This is the same stadium where she now recorded her country’s history.

“It’s a special connection between me and this stadium,” she said after the match. “It’s amazing to have that part of me off the field and score on it. There aren’t many people who can say that.”

She doesn’t plan to stop there. In an interview with the Olympic website Before the World Cup, she hoped a World Cup in Oceania would help popularize her sport among New Zealanders.

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“It’s a global sport (but) it’s not a sport you see very often in New Zealand. We’re passionate about rugby and cricket, but I’d like to see after the World Cup that we’re also a passionate football country.” She explained. “I would like football to rise to the same level as cricket and rugby.”

“We saw that in the Women’s Rugby World Cup Final, where tickets to Eden Park were sold out. People want to see women playing sport. So it’s going to be huge for women’s football, of course, but also for women’s sport in general, that’s for sure.”

committed athlete, Hannah Wilkinson is openly gay. “Being an athlete, especially at the highest levels, provides a tremendous platform for leading by example, especially for young people. Being open about my identity in such an influential position helps reinforce the importance of accepting who we are,” she wrote. Out for the Win websitean association that works to promote the visibility of LGBT+ athletes.

His next target As a striker, he qualified her team for the historic round of 16. A goal is now within reach after defeating the group favourites to me.

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