New Zealand won a draw and chose to win first

New Zealand won a draw and chose to win first

Bangladesh sees its first win when it faces weak New Zealand. Ahead of the T20 World Cup Finals, New Zealand decided to withdraw a number of key players from the series. The five-match series is part of the preparations for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup and the Black Caps will test their strength on the bench in this series. It will be a chance for Bangladesh to enter this match after their 4-1 Series win against Australia at the slow and low Sher Bangla Stadium in Mirpur, Dhaka. Guests want to win the house and take revenge on the kiwi. Bangladesh lost all six whiteball matches during the Tour of New Zealand. check 1ns T20 between Bangladesh and New Zealand here:

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15:15 GMT: Squad:
Bangladesh: Muhammad Naim, Leyton Das, Shakib Al-Hassan, Mushfiq Rahim, Mahmud Allah (AH), Noor Al-Hassan (Stemaneh), Afif Hussain, Mahdi Hassan, Muhammad Saif Al-Din, Nassum Ahmed, Mustafa Rahman

new Zeland: Racine Ravindra, Tom Blondel, Will Young, Colin DeGranthum, Tom Latham (Central Australia), Henry Nichols, Cole McConaughey, Doug Brasswell, Blair Diner, Jacob Duffy, Agaz Patel

15:07: New Zealand won a draw and chose to win first. Racine Ravindra and Cole McConnell make their T20 debut.

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