Opening match Fiji - Japan

New Zealand wins the final

The second Olympic edition of Rugby was officially concluded at the 7th after Fiji’s victory in the men’s, the New Zealand girls won the valid gold final in Rugby 7 at the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Overcoming the resistance of France with a stunning silver medal, while the Fiji girls take a medal, bronze, even in the championship ladies.

Today’s facts: semi-finals

The final day of the Italian Night Deep opened with the semi-finals. Kick off at 04:00 with New Zealand and Fiji ready for battle. It’s a show in the Southern Hemisphere derby where the Vegans make the proverbial seven shirts for favorite New Zealand. In the end, after a segment of 5-7 in favor of Fiji, the additional goal scored by the Olympic silver medal girls in achieving the final would be in the hands of New Zealand; Final score 22-17. And in the other semi-finals another cross between the “cousins” with the girls of Great Britain to face France. Here, too, a tough match was expected, but in reality, it was transalpines drawn by the extraordinary Ciofani who immediately takes over the reins of the match. The first break ending at 21-12 for France and two more points than the British in the second half is useless. It’s 26-19 final and the French girls on an impeccable track arrive in New Zealand in the final chapter of the tournament.

Women’s Rugby 7 in: Semi-finals New Zealand vs Fiji and Great Britain vs France

7 Olympics Rugby: 3/4 place and final for gold

After a well-deserved break, the girls return to the field for the two final shows. As usual, the decisive match takes place 3/4 place first to see who stays dry in this edition of Tokyo 2020. Fiji vs Great Britain. This time too, unfortunately, the Brits suffered the first part of the race that would again be decisive until the final result. The 9-point difference, 14-5 1t result, is unsurpassable, and the last 21-12 reward Fiji as a medal in both men’s and women’s. On the other hand, Great Britain comes home with odds in the bag and an unfortunate double wooden medal for both men and women. Meanwhile, the miserable British Fijian girls salute, tension and anticipation rise for the final chapter of this version of Rugby Olympic 7 put on a show. New Zealand vs France. On the one hand, the silver medalist in office, on the other hand, the French can be today’s opponents for a clear path to the last chapter. Here too, it is the first part that makes a difference, and perhaps, in addition to overwhelming physical strength, some kind of experience also on certain dates. In fact, the New Zealanders took off immediately, reaching 19-5 at the end of the first half of the race. In the second half, the French gave themselves all but failed to get past the partial 7-7. The final score of 26-12 was a bonus for New Zealand winning the Olympic gold after 5 silver years at Rio 2016.

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