New Zealand: weather and climate

New Zealand: weather and climate

The climate is constant all year round but changes during the day

Watch out for sunburn, wind and shower

New Zealand is just opposite France in the world, and it necessarily has fundamental differences with our beautiful country, especially with regard to the climate. So what is the best time to discover motorcycle opposites?

New Zealand: weather and climate

Bathed in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, the country generally enjoys an oceanic climate. But we must not forget that here we are in the southern hemisphere, and therefore, everything is reversed, both for the seasons and for geographical peculiarities: it is temperate in the north and cold in the south.

Summer lasts from December to February, autumn from March to May, winter from June to August and finally spring from September to November. But on the whole, the gaps between the seasons are not very noticeable. In fact, temperatures are relatively stable throughout the year with hot summers, but average hovering around 25°C and very mild winters where frosts are rare with average temperatures between 10 and 15°C, but also the possibility of snow crossing in mountainous areas.

On the other hand, you should not be wary because the weather is not scorching in summer. In fact, UV rays are very high in the summer in the country and it is important to have good protection for your skin, as well as sunglasses or a smoked visor. This is also true when the weather is cloudy, it is more difficult.

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New Zealand is also very windy and experiences regular rain throughout the year. On the other hand, weather conditions can change significantly on the same day, especially in the spring when cold days alternate with sunrise. It is therefore necessary to provide clothing of all kinds to get there, and modular equipment is particularly suitable for these conditions.

To make the most of the country when you want to discover it by motorbike, it is best to go there in summer or fall, between December and May.

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