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New Zealand wants to tax farmers for emissions from their livestock

disturbed calm. Of course cows and sheep New Zealand It looks rather peaceful in its green pastures. But the sword of Damocles hung over their heads. Or rather, its owner. Indeed, the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced during From a press conference That the gas emissions of farmed animals will be taxed in the name of the environment. Natural phenomena that are potentially expensive. “This is a big step forward for the transition to a zero-emissions future and our promise to tax agricultural waste from 2025,” she said excitedly.

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New Zealand is a major meat exporter, with 10 million cattle and 26 million sheep flourishing on the island. CNN. Agricultural activity is responsible for half of the country’s total emissions. Methane, a gas released by livestock, contributes to global warming far more than carbon dioxide. And so every other wind and burp is a danger to the planet. A phenomenon that is impossible to control? Not much. Technologies already exist for harm reduction. The most popular is Kowbucha, this probiotic that, when incorporated into animal feed, reduces the amount of methane in their emissions.

“No other country in the world has developed a tax system to reduce agricultural emissions. Thus, our farmers will be rewarded for being pioneers.” Jacinda Ardern. His government undertakes to reinvest the benefits of this new policy in the agricultural sector, particularly in the development of new technologies.

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