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New Zealand wants to help Laurel Hubbard manage the pressure

Transgender athlete - Hubbard
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Team New Zealand wants to help weightlifter Laurel Hubbard, the first transgender woman to participate in Olympic GamesIn order to manage the “enormous interest” it is generating in Tokyo, a spokeswoman for the New Zealand Olympic Committee said on Saturday.

Hubbard, who was born a boy but became a woman in his 30s, sparked controversy after being chosen after he met the criteria for it.

“We work closely with Laurel, as with any other athlete, but especially with her because of the tremendous interest she is taking,” Ashley Abbott said on Saturday.

We see what would be best for her in terms of media interaction. So there will be restrictions.”

Hubbard was able to enter the women’s team after proving his level testosterone They were lower than those recommended by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), set at 10 nmol per liter. He will compete in Tokyo in the weight category over 87 kg.

But there have been critics arguing that Hubbard is taking advantage of other advantages linked to his past as a man, making his existence unfair in the face of other competitors.

“We will continue to work with her to make sure she is constantly supported and understands the environment in which she lives,” Abbott added.

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