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New Zealand visa | popcorn tv

Who always dreamed of visiting new Zeland, even to see the amazing locations made famous by many movies up close, he has to wait a little longer. Although the Covid epidemic is under control, the local government has imposed new restrictions that currently prevent entry until a date to be determined. For tourists and business travelers, in particular, it is forbidden to cross national borders even if you have them mandatory visa.

From “Avatar” to “The Hobbit” trilogy, from “Chronicles of Narnia” to “King Kong”, Movies Filmed in New Zealand it’s impossible to forget. A first step to feel the nearest destination and for it Trip Planning In detail, without neglecting some basic aspects, is to apply for a mandatory visa NZeTA: From 2019, in fact, this Electronic Travel Permit (“Visa Waiver”) is necessary for you to be able to travel to New Zealand for tourism and business reasons.

Those who intend to leave within the next year can still apply for a visa that is valid for two years from the date of issue: the New Zealand government has in fact announced that the borders will open again from April 30, 2022.

What is a NZeTA New Zalanda visa

the New Zealand visa online NZeTA, which stands for “New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority”, is a passport Mandatory for travel to the territory by plane or cruise ship, the permission obtained is electronically attached to your passport.

Only carriers of a passport New Zealand or Australia, while it is necessary in all other cases: for go on vacationVisit friends and family, attend sporting events, conferences, and training sessions.

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Once issued the visa allows you to organize an unlimited number of trips to New Zealand, however each stay can last for up to 3 consecutive months. Specifically for this, for Traveling with NZeTA You must already have a return or transit ticket upon arrival and prove that you have sufficient financial resources to complete the trip.

How much does a visa cost and how to apply for it

Applying for a New Zealand visa can be done in a practical and economical way directly online. This is the simplest procedure for obtaining a travel permit by contactingExpert Agency It is reliable and able to issue document quickly.

It is important to emphasize, as mentioned earlier, that a visa can be requested even if you have not booked a flight or overnight stay: an added advantage, given the current situation restrictions.

Regarding the expenses that will be incurred for obtaining the visa, the NZeTA cost Equal to 49.95€ per person which also includes tourism tax New Zealand government (international visitor tax and tourism fee) of $35.

What do you know before you leave

How should someone who already has a New Zealand visa act? It is currently unusable, due to Border closuresHowever, it is necessary to specify the date of issue to calculate its validity. If the visa has not expired after the time of cancellation of entry ban, the document may still be usable. Otherwise, it will be possible to order a new one online, for a small fee and by performing the procedure from your device via an Internet connection.

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Those who fall into one of the categories for which the entry ban loses its validity, such as those who have Urgent humanitarian reasons Or, if you are a relative of a New Zealand resident, you can travel to New Zealand after obtaining a special permit (“border exception”). However it is necessary, upon arrival, to undergo a covid test Two more tests were performed on the third and twelfth days of the period, respectively mandatory quarantine.

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