New Zealand – Uruguay: The All Blacks advance to the quarter-finals after a demonstration, match summary

New Zealand – Uruguay: The All Blacks advance to the quarter-finals after a demonstration, match summary

New Zealand won by a large margin over Uruguay (73-0) on Thursday, October 5 and secured a ticket to the quarter-finals. The All Blacks, at the same time, occupy first place in Group A against the French national team, which will play on Friday, October 6, against Italy.

23:10 – Match summary

New Zealand crushes Uruguay (73-0) and secures a ticket to the quarter-finals of the 2023 Rugby World Cup! The start of the match was fairly balanced and Uruguay were about to surprise the All Blacks but Los Terros’ attempt was disallowed. This event eventually awakens Ian Foster’s men. McKenzie broke the deadlock in the 21st minute and opened the New Zealand festival. Monga turns before imitating McKenzie on the same stage of play after a rally five meters away (25th position). Then the leading scorer of the evening passes a massive number. Will finds Jordan with a very tasty one-handed pass (33rd). 5 minutes later, Cam Roegaard also tried and offered his team the attacking bonus point. At the end of the first half, the All Blacks led 26-0. The start of the second period was much less exciting than the first because the New Zealanders continued the festival that started just before the break. Fletcher Newell marks his entry into play with a try after returning from the dressing room (45th) ahead of Fainga’anuku who also opens his counter (49th). He would score a brace after goals from McKenzie and Jordan before making the bill more and more for Los Terros. But Leicester Vainga’anuku managed to score a hat-trick in New Zealand’s eleventh attempt in the final minutes of the match (77). This would be the All Blacks’ final try in this game. The Oceanians can now fully head towards the knockout stage having completed this group stage perfectly.

22:57 – Mackenzie’s stratospheric performance

New Zealand-Uruguay was lit up by Damian McKenzie’s class who made some nice gestures throughout the evening like this one.

22:53 – Group A classification

At the end of the New Zealand-Uruguay match, the All Blacks team will be the first to qualify from this first group to the quarter-finals. They take the opportunity to move ahead of the Blues in the standings as the latter take on Italy on Friday at 9pm.

22:47 – The All Blacks Festival is over!

Wayne Barnes blows the final whistle of the match between New Zealand and Uruguay after an All Blacks striker. The latter qualified for the quarter-finals after shooting the Uruguayan, who fought until the end to no avail. A 73-0 win for Ian Foster’s men.

22:44 – Vainjaanuku hat-trick!

11th try for New Zealand and was caught by Leicester Fainga’anuku after a very quick reversal of play by the All Blacks! Barrett turns again.

22:40 – New strong test

Williams adds a new New Zealand attempt at New Zealand-Uruguay which is slightly less accurate than the previous one. This is the tenth attempt of the evening. Beauden Barrett turns.

22:37 – Welcome back from Perchesi

Jordan was aiming for a hat-trick in this kicking match over the Uruguayan defense but Bercesi came back very well and beat the very good New Zealand No. 14 – Uruguay.

22:34 – Another double!

This is the third New Zealand-Uruguay double! After McKenzie and Jordan, Fainga’anuku also got his double. Los Terros is completely overwhelmed. McKenzie converts and the All Blacks lead 59-0.

22:31 – Will Jordan complete this amazing move!

A new attempt for New Zealanders in New Zealand – Uruguay! Will Jordan is at the end of a mass movement with exemplary leadership. The All Blacks’ 50-point mark has been reached. After Monga’s release, McKenzie converted.

22:27 – Whitlock gives up his spot

The symbolic New Zealand player gives up his place and is replaced by Scott Barrett in the last quarter of an hour of the New Zealand-Uruguay match.

22:24 – Arata clapped

The Los Teros leader gives up his New Zealand-Uruguay spot and receives a standing ovation from Parc OL. He was replaced by Ormaechea.

22:23 – Blackadder’s hand error

The new arrival could have been involved in the All Blacks’ attacking display in New Zealand-Uruguay but committed a forehand attack about twenty meters from the opposition goal.

22:20 – A collision of heads

Nicholas Freitas was unintentionally beaten by Vaai but ended up regaining his spot. The referee does not penalize the All Blacks’ number 5.

22:17 – Trading continues

The All Blacks are well protected and are definitely thinking about reaching the quarter-finals. The coach took the opportunity to make a lot of changes. Blackadder, Williams and Christie took part in the play.

22:14 – Mackenzie scores two goals!

Los Terros were no longer able to contain the All Blacks in New Zealand, with Uruguay and Damian McKenzie scoring twice. New Zealanders take off. Monga turns again.

22:10 – New Zealand’s sixth attempt!

What a brilliant pass from Will Jordan who found Vainga’anuku on the edge of the touchline. The latter is free to score in the New Zealand-Uruguay match. Monga converts and makes it 38-0.

22:08 – Change

After this fifth test, both coaches made changes. Taylor and Williams play for the All Blacks while Rodriguez replaces Doughty.

22:06 – Newell adds his name to the scoreboard!

This is the All Blacks’ fifth try in the New Zealand-Uruguay match! Fletcher Newell, who replaced Tyrell Lomax, also tried after breaking through Los Terros’ defensive curtain. Khalaf Monga hits the post and misses the second shift of the evening.

22:04 – Freitas damage

The Uruguayan No. 14 corners his opponent and touches him after a difficult kick from Echeverry.

22:02 – Back to Lyon!

The start of the second period of the New Zealand-Uruguay match! The All Blacks lead 26-0 and have already earned the attacking bonus point against a plucky Uruguay side who have started well.

21:55 – Status in the world rankings

At the end of the New Zealand-Uruguay match, the All Blacks beat France before the Blues match on Friday by one additional point. Italy remains in third place, three points behind France and five points behind the New Zealanders.

9:46 PM – It’s halftime! The All Blacks took shelter

After more than twenty slow minutes, the All Blacks ended up hurting Uruguay badly and took a 26-0 lead into half-time with an offensive bonus point in their pocket.

21:43 – Roigard offers the offensive bonus point

The New Zealanders move very close to the quarter-finals thanks to this effort from Cam Roegaard who dropped his opposite number on the hook. The All Blacks’ fourth effort was unsuccessful as Monga’s debutant New Zealand-Uruguay miss.

21:42 – Great cover by Arata

Will Jordan came close to a brace after a clever little kick but the Los Terros No.9 came back in excellent form and beat the New Zealander.

9:39pm – Mackenzie treats Jordan and tests him out

What a number from Damian McKenzie who finds a very nice one handed pass to Will Jordan who just has to go and flatten. Monga turns on and the All Blacks kick off in New Zealand-Uruguay.

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