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New Zealand: the longest distance traveled by an electric plane

via Nicolas Roger | Posted on 04/11/2021 at 01:42 AM | Updated on 05/11/2021 at 10:39

Gary Friedman hit a historic milestone earlier this week. Crossing the Cook Strait by electric plane to connect the two islands of New Zealand. A 40-minute flight that represents the history of flying.

crossing the strait cook It is clearly not an achievement in itself. However, achieving this on an electric plane is a great first and a great achievement for the future of humanity.

According to airport officials WellingtonIt would simply be the greatest distance an electric plane has ever traveled.

Greener and less polluting journeys

The flight on a small two-seater plane took 40 minutes. It’s pretty much enough to catch the eyes of the entire world and envision greener, less polluting flights for the future.

According to the pilot, the aircraft’s battery was still full enough upon arrival to make the return flight.

The airport spokeswoman said it is expected that the regular short flights will be operated by electric aircraft within the next five years. Wellington.

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