Olympic Games: New Zealand, Switzerland, Norway, Belgium and Mexico

New Zealand, Switzerland, Norway, Belgium and Mexico

Bologna, Saturday 26 June 2021 – As the days go by, the Olympic Games in Tokyo are getting closer: they start on July 23 and end on August 8. As a result, the number of associations formalizing their delegates in the five rounds is increasing. The jumps include New Zealand, Switzerland, Norway (singles only), Belgium and Mexico. So let’s take a look at the names of each one.

New Zealand – Bruce Goodwin Sue Danny V, Daniel Mitch Sue Senca, Shorn Ferdley Sue Vertini de Ha Out Twelve.

Swiss – Below is a long list, the final squad line-up will be announced on July 5. Brian Balsiger in Clasotte de lasas or Twentieth des Pitches, Elaine Baman in Cambori Z, Martin Fox in Cluny or Leon Gay, Steve Gortord in Vonard de Chertz or Victorio de Fordarts in Jordan M. Schmidt Forresso, Nicholas Schurtenberger in C. Stefra.

Norway – Norway did not qualify as a team, but were given three names to choose their personal representative. Mary Walter Longham at Eco de Werton, Victoria Collixon at Papa Roche, Khair Collixon at Quattro.

Belgium – Gregory Whatlet of Nevados, Jerome Currie in the Quell Home de Hustle, and Nils Brunchel in the Deluxe van de & l. La Reversa Sarah Eve WonderHealth with Genesis.

Mexico – Four names, then decide who will be in reserve: Enrique Gonzalez in Sokhna, Armani SL Eugenio Corsa in Z, Manuel Gonzalez in Hortensia van de Leverque, Patricio Pascual on the ball.

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For Ireland, Sweden, Germany and Great Britain:

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