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New Zealand: State of emergency for Kaimanawa’s horses

One hundred and forty Kaimanawa horses must be placed in shelters before the start of the tour at the end of April. Urgent task to conserve herds of wild horses.

Organizers are concerned about Not interested in adoption of these horses. At the end of April, an annual New Zealand wild horse gathering will be held. Three hundred horses He will be part of this gathering and the remaining horses must be in shelters. problem alone Ten applications for approval Received to accommodate equids while they were there Rest one hundred and forty horses for the place.
Sue Rivers, president of the Kaimanoa Heritage Horse Welfare Association, is concerned about the shortage of homes after last year’s tour, . reports. In 2021, not only the number of shelters has not been reached One hundred and thirty houses for two hundred and six horses have been found. “Additional horses have now been added to this year’s draw target “, as you say.

Kaimanawa herd

The New Zealand wild horses Mainly live on Mountain chain With the same name in the north of the island. This area is home to special plants, some of which are endangered species. This is why the number of wild horses should be kept at three hundred, for Preserving the ecosystem. In 2020, the annual gathering of kimanawa can’t happen Because of the health crisis that led to a Population growth horses; Increased cause today there are no homes that could accommodate wild horses.

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The deadline for submitting an application for registration or re-registration of Kaimanawa accommodation is April 3, with KaimanawaAymanawa traditional horses.

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