New Zealand, quarantine center: Had to check it out and instead 'love affair' is turned on

New Zealand, quarantine center: Had to check it out and instead ‘love affair’ is turned on

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Among the notes and sentences written on the mask, an employee (now fired) was found in a woman’s room in solitary confinement

New Zealand is known to have very strict rules when it comes to fighting the coronavirus. Amazing when the rules are broken. And it must be said that what happened in the quarantine facility in Auckland is just a violation with all the trimmings. We told you about the strict rules And the strict controls applied in mandatory quarantine facilities in the video that you can see above. No contact is allowed, neither between the “guests” nor with the staff. This is not exactly what happened at another New Zealand facility.

The woman, who had returned from abroad and had been placed in quarantine at the “Grand Millennium Auckland Hotel,” was exchanging written notes with one of the men who work at the hotel, the Associated Press reported. The galeotta was the mask (literally): One of the messages between the two seems to have been It is written directly on the back of the device of individual protection.

In short, today’s ticket, tomorrow’s ticket, one day a woman will order a bottle of wine in the room. And the stick-man, in bringing it to him, had gone for him 20 minutes is good. This did not go unnoticed, to the point that a security manager was sent to check what was going on. What did he find? What authorities described as an inappropriate encounter, in short, appears to have faded social distancing.

The man was returned home in solitary confinement and the woman allegedly received a police warning. The two then tested negative for Covid. was the man Disqualified. The Covid-19 response minister, Chris Hepkins, has called for further investigation, describing the couple’s behavior as unacceptable. As the head of the quarantine facilities, Jim Bliss, expressed himself on the matter: “The behavior of the two was so IrresponsibleShe stressed that the behavior of the individual should not fall on the shoulders of the 4,000 people who work in these structures every day.

“Liaison da Covid” has left new Zeland With an iron fist he got an incredible response to the spread of the virus. So far, there are 72 active cases in the country, with 6 new positive cases in the last 24 hours. The country is actually at alert level 1, the lowest.

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