New Zealand players offer an alternative to selling the All Blacks brand

New Zealand players offer an alternative to selling the All Blacks brand

The proposal – which dates back to April 28 – to Silver Lake Partners, a privately held California firm, which would buy 12.5% ​​of the trademark rights to the All Blacks trademark for $ 280 million, The New Zealand introduced Players’ Union (NZRPA), With veto power, an alternative plan on Friday consists of selling 5% of All Blacks’ equity as part of a capital increase that will attract New Zealand financial institutions and “friendly” investors.

“No NZR (New Zealand Rugby Federation) It will retain much more control over its future, greater flexibility and more options, and will share its future results with New Zealanders who wish to invest in the company. “ NZRPA said in a letter to the union. Note that with 12.5% ​​of the All Blacks brand, Silver Lake also has the right to negotiate worldwide marketing and distribution contracts.

“This is a fundamental violation of trust and partnership.”

Mark Robinson, Director General of the New Zealand Federation

When asked, the New Zealand Football Association had not yet commented on the content of these players’ plan, but its General Manager, Mark Robinson, did say: « Shocked and disappointed » That this proposal was made to the media before it became in the hands of the leaders of the New Zealand Federation.

Allegations officially rejected by Players’ Union president and former All Blacks captain, David Kirk. “We are facing a situation in which NZ rugby could change forever. The idea that we will not be ready to discuss and debate different options is just an absurd idea,” The previous half responded Scrum, world champion in 1987.

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