New Zealand opens to tourism from April 30: Here are the terms

New Zealand opens to tourism from April 30: Here are the terms

After nearly two years of waiting, New Zealand has also set a date for reopening borders to tourism. Namely with Australia, the island has abandoned the strategy of eliminating infection and announced that it will return from next April 30 to welcome fully vaccinated international tourists.

But it will not be all free. For the first period, but in any case until a date to be determined, Minister Chris Hepkins announced that permission to enter the country would be granted on the condition that the tourist self-isolate for seven days upon arrival, in addition to negative testing in departure and arrival. “A phased approach to reconnecting with the world is the safest approach to ensuring that risks are carefully managed,” he said, noting that the priority would be “to minimize any potential impact on vulnerable communities and the New Zealand health system.”

New Zealanders who have been vaccinated and those who have residency visas but are now in Australia will be able to return from January 16, which was blocked as the bubble closed at the end of July due to the arrival of delta variable. If other countries are found, then the date of February 13 is set for them.

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