New Zealand: Nine customs officers who refused the vaccine were expelled

New Zealand: Nine customs officers who refused the vaccine were expelled

at least Nine New Zealand customs workers They had been Discharged – Temporarily Discharged to He refused to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. In that country, since April 20, the vaccination of all workers in isolation and quarantine facilities, as well as government agencies operating at the border, has become mandatory. Those who refused will be transferred to other jobs.

According to the local newspaper Straits TimesAfter refusing to receive the vaccine, workers were fired and no alternative roles were found.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda ArdernFrance Press agency

In February, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern confirmed that the government would not make the vaccine mandatory for frontline employees and that those who refused it would be transferred to secret locations.

One of the dismissed workers told the media that she did not want to vaccinate herself because she felt there was not enough risk in her role, which is monitoring international ships to make sure her crews are taking adequate precautions against Covid-19 infection. .

In a statement, Deputy Executive Director of Customs for Personnel and Capabilities, Jacinda Fonnell, said that no other job could be found to reassign the nine workers who had fixed-term jobs at the maritime border, she said today. Watchman.

“We regret that these individuals have been forced to leave their work, and we understand the difficult situation they face,” Vonnell said in the statement.

On the other hand, it is reported that about 95% of customs front-line employees who will be vaccinated have received their first dose and 85% have received the second dose.

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In April, the Ministry of Health imposed a legal requirement that anyone working in high-risk border environments should be vaccinated before the May 1 deadline.

In this regard, the New Zealand Defense Forces have threatened to shoot service personnel who refused to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

Unions New Zealand has spoken out against layoffs Those who reject the vaccine, saying it should be redistributed instead. The General Services Syndicate Union said that unvaccinated border workers should be re-appointed and their labor rights protected.


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