New Zealand man receives 10 doses of Covid vaccine in one day

New Zealand man receives 10 doses of Covid vaccine in one day

Ten doses in one day. This is what happened to the New Zealander who was vaccinated against him covid 19 On behalf of other people, the country’s health authorities say. The behavior is described as “incredibly selfish”. An investigation has been opened.

According to the New Zealand health authorities, the man was being paid by people who were not pro-vaccine so he could make use of the health permit. He reportedly went to various vaccination centers. According to Dr. Helen Petosis-Harris, receiving many doses will not cause any serious health risks other than high fever, pain and headache. But it is especially dangerous to adopt such behavior: people who are not immune continue to spread the virus around them.

Putting your community at risk

“We are very concerned about this situation and we are working with the appropriate agencies,” the country’s vaccination campaign coordinator, Astrid Kornev, was quoted as saying. “Not having an immunization status puts you not only at risk, but also for your friends, family, community, and healthcare team looking after you today and in the future.”

New Zealand does not require identity verification in order to be vaccinated, but a health permit is required to access certain places. So far, the country has recorded 12,781 cases of COVID-19 and 46 deaths since the outbreak of COVID-19.

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