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New Zealand maintains containment while waiting for peak pollution

New Zealand once again maintained its national containment on Monday, August 23 in the face of the developing Covid-19 pandemic, and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the wave of pollution caused by the delta variable had not yet reached its peak.

«Delta is one step ahead of us and we had to get there as quickly as possible. We don’t think we have reached the peak of this outbreak“,” referenced as Jacinda Ardern.

The prime minister said it was too early to lift restrictions after the first locally sourced COVID-19 case emerged last week, which was discovered in an Auckland resident. The confinement was first extended, which was set to end on Tuesday, August 24, and lasted until Friday, August 27 across the archipelago and into the evening of August 31 in Auckland.

A total of 35 new cases were discovered, bringing the total to 107, and tests are being conducted for more than 13,000 people who were in close contact. “The safest option for everyone is to stay in the race longerJacinda Ardern said. “This will allow us to get more data and see if the virus has spread.She added optimistically:Our plan has worked before and together we can make it work again».

The overseas archipelago has been praised for its effective management of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has so far killed only 26 people out of five million people. However, New Zealand acknowledged on Sunday, August 22nd that its “zero-Covid” strategy is threatened by the spread of the delta variable.

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«All of our current actions seem less appropriate and this raises questions about the future of our long-term strategy.In particular, the minister responsible for combating Covid-19, Chris Hepkins, admitted.

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