New Zealand lifts most anti-Covid restrictions

New Zealand lifts most anti-Covid restrictions

Jacinda ArdernNew Zealand Health Policy “Periodical”. On Monday, September 12, the New Zealand Prime Minister confirmed that the latest anti-Covid restrictions will be lifted at midnight. “Instead of feeling like Covid dictates what happens to us, our lives, and our future, we’re finally taking back control,” he said. she added, Quoted by an online newspaper things.

The leader of the Labor Party decided to abandon the vaccination rules in force so far, as well as the obligation to wear a muzzle in most public places, except for health institutions and retirement homes.

It also confirmed that contacts will not be forced to isolate, and a vaccination certificate will not be requested from travelers from abroad. “Only those infected with the virus will be required to self-isolate for seven days,” he added.

The end of “Zero Covid”

Over the past few months, New Zealand has gradually returned to The Zero Covid strategy It was established at the beginning of the epidemicto remember things. The country fully reopened its borders to foreigners at the end of July, while easing its immigration policy.

Jacinda Ardern’s government considers the risks to be lower, given that more than 80% of New Zealand’s population has been fully vaccinated. As summer approaches in the southern hemisphere, the number of cases and hospitalizations linked to Covid-19 At its lowest level since February.

In this context, Wellington’s title makes clear, that abandoning health restrictions should make this possible “Reassure residents and businesses, contribute to economic recovery”. The news also caused Comfort and optimism in business circlesguarantees the media in a second job.

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