New Zealand lifts its latest health restrictions

New Zealand lifts its latest health restrictions

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Just over a month after reopening its borders, New Zealand is now getting rid of its system traffic lightWhich organized different levels of preparedness to face the epidemic. Freedom found for the country that has been protecting itself from the virus for more than two years.

With our Wellington correspondent, Richard Tendler

New Zealand had defeated Covid for the first time, in July 2020 by eliminating the virus thanks to closed borders and mandatory quarantines for all residents returning to the territory.

However, after a few months, Delta and Omicron variants managed to infiltrate New Zealand soil, causing the peak of the epidemic in March 2022. The epidemic is almost too late for New Zealand, just like the lifting of measures against Covid.

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During her press conference, the Prime Minister said, Jacinda ArdernOn Monday, September 12, he announced the end of health restrictions: As of midnight, we will be removing the protective framework against Covid-19. The government will no longer require the compulsory wearing of a mask in public, except in sanitary settings. We are also discontinuing the mandatory vaccination for travelers arriving in New Zealand. »

One of the best countries to escape the virus

However, the prime minister wanted to maintain the seven-day isolation period for people who tested positive for Covid-19. She also wanted to thank New Zealanders for their exemplary behavior during this pandemic.

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With very strict measures, New Zealand has been one of the countries least affected by the virus. Nearly three years after the health crisis began, the country has recorded fewer than 2,000 deaths related to Covid-19.

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