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New Zealand King Salmon, “Wagyu Sea” – Lombardy

Rich in oils and omega 3, made by Chef Le Basso in Milan

(ANSA) – MILAN, Jul 17 – Raw to understand its essence and quality. And so begins the tasting of Ōra King New Zealand salmon, identified by the New York Times as “Wagyu of the sea” translated by Chef Felix Lo Basso, the ambassador of this value-acclaimed fish, entirely sustainably raised in the crystalline waters of New Zealand’s Marlborough sounds.

Ōra king is the world’s largest producer of king salmon, a favorite of star chefs from five continents, rich in oils and omega-3s. Vibrant orange salmon with full flavor and a rich buttery texture with streaks of marbled fat (hence the comparison with wagyu, Japanese meat famous) resulting from 25 years of selection on completely sustainable farms. It represents 1% of global salmon production.

Breeding begins in the clearest waters on Earth, those flowing from Te Waikoropupū Springs, New Zealand’s largest freshwater spring. During the first year, salmon are transferred to marine waters in pens with very low stocking densities: 2% fish and 98% water.

Ora King Salmon has been certified by the Global Aquaculture Alliance for Best Aquaculture Practices and recommended by the Wise Ocean Conservation Program at Vancouver Aquarium as a sustainable seafood choice.

The tasting event was attended by Austin Brake, Consul General of New Zealand in Milan, who outlined the ongoing work on controls for the entire fishing system, and on environmental sustainability and minimal impact.

“Our geographic isolation, he says, is fundamental to fish farming and product quality.” (handle).

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