New Zealand: Juan Arbelaez, with his charming girlfriend and Catherine’s love interest, Viani, play rugby

New Zealand: Juan Arbelaez, with his charming girlfriend and Catherine’s love interest, Viani, play rugby

All rugby fans! As the 2023 World Cup saw its first big evening on Friday 8 September with the Blues’ win over New Zealand and a colorful opening ceremony, many celebrities came to settle in the stands of the Stade de France. Among them are many political figures, but also athletes who have given a voice…

It was a beautiful evening marked by ovals and participation: after four years of waiting, the World Cup opened on Friday 8 September in Paris in front of 80,000 enthusiastic spectators. And VIPs who did not hesitate to enjoy and support the XV Bleu! Many amorous couples showed up, including Vianney, a fan of the southwestern sport, who was recruited by Jean Dujardin for the opening ceremony and who was then joined by his wife, Catherine. By the way, I wore a blue shirt!

Jean-Luc Richman and his wife Nathalie took advantage of this moment and found the wonderful Adriana Karembeu on the show. Not far away, Chef Juan Arbelaez also participated in the event. Lori Thielman’s ex came on the arm of a beautiful brunette that we have seen appearing in her Instagram stories in recent days. Both remained very reserved, just like Mathieu Lartot, Ophelie Meunier and Marc-Olivier Vogiel who all came to enjoy the match.

But among the famous supporters of the XV team in France, there were especially many athletes who came to support the other ‘Blues’ in this enormous challenge that awaits them. The world champions, Kylian Mbappé and teammates Antoine Griezmann, Ousmane Dembélé and Olivier Giroud, have already taken advantage of being in Paris together (they played against Ireland on Thursday night) to come and bring them good luck. Didier Deschamps found them there, as did his deputy…

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