New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern remains out of the restaurant: Places have run out due to coronavirus

New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern remains out of the restaurant: Places have run out due to coronavirus

Wellington – “Gosh. Jacinda Ardern I just tried to get into Olive’s restaurant and was sent away because it’s full. Joeyreinvention tweeted it directly and immediately became a social media star, he also retweeted it guardian. All users were concerned about the fate of the new agricultural prime minister’s breakfast and lunch.

Joy reassured them, “In the end they solved the problem.” Yes, because the Prime Minister went with her husband to the coolest club in Wellington Clark Gifford. Any Saturday of any weekend, but in the second phase.

Joy was careful to point out that “I was going to give her my table, but we just got to the private room.” Ardern accepted the refusal “kindly,” Joy wrote, and walked the way with her husband: Social distancing applies to everyone in New Zealand. The restaurant manager also said this when talking to him New Zealand Herald: “Finally we are talking about something that has nothing to do with drama and tension. Something light.”

It so happened that after a few minutes a table two meters away from the neighbor was freed. Olive director didn’t waste a second. He ran to the street to announce this to prestigious clients. And it all ended with a great breakfast and lunch.

The interest generated for the unusual rejection of the first New Zealand woman prompted her husband to respond to Joy on Twitter: “I admit it’s my responsibility. I didn’t organize myself. They were so nice to run after us to tell us that was. Empty place. Excellent service.” “Ahaha – Joey replied – I’m really glad you finally made it. The brunch was good. Waffles and mimosas too.”

Another user gets into the conversation between a conservative Joey, who hasn’t taken pictures even though he can, and Gifford. Daman, @ dmc_21, tweeted to Ardern’s husband: “You had six weeks to organize,” with two emojis laughing out loud.

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