New Zealand is tracking its first domestic case in 6 months

New Zealand is tracking its first domestic case in 6 months

The country’s health authorities have been seeking to determine how a man in the city of Auckland contracted Covid-19 this week, the first locally-originated case in six months.

Tests showed the person was carrying a strain of the type Delta identified in Australia, and Ms Ardern said the investigation was tight around a passenger who arrived from Sydney on August 7.

According to the Prime Minister, this traveler was isolated and then taken to hospital upon arrival, which means that the virus did not spread as long as it was originally feared.

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We found the puzzle piece we were looking forMs. Ardern told reporters.

This tracking will make it possible, she added.Contain, block and eliminate the virus“.

She added that the country recorded 11 new infections within 24 hours, to reach 21 cases.

Tuesday’s national confinement decree, the first of fifteen months, should last only three days. It’s a week for Auckland and the neighboring Coromandel area. It can be extended on Friday.

We’re all ready for the number of infections to get worse before we see an improvement, as is always the case in this type of episode.Ms Ardern said, while showing cautious optimism due to the early detection of the first case.

The infected traveler arrived from Sydney, Australia on a flightred zone‘, to bring back New Zealanders stranded after Wellington created a health bubble in the face of a pandemic outbreak in its neighbour.

The authorities are still ignorant of how the virus spread among the population, and it is estimated that there are a thousand cases of contact with the infected.

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The overseas archipelago has been praised for its effective management of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has so far killed only 26 people out of five million people.



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