New Zealand is ready to introduce a vaccination permit.  And think about "punishing" companies that don't ask for certification

New Zealand is ready to introduce a vaccination permit. And think about “punishing” companies that don’t ask for certification

here comesProperty And face it calmly there new Zeland Ready for extended use of green lane . will be presented traffic light system For companies associated with the green certificate. Vaccination permit – swabs not worth it – will become a part of the islanders’ daily life. In this way, the government aims to permanently eliminate Close which has continued to fire repeatedly in recent months once the epidemic curves regained steam. The Covid-19 minister explained that “the card will mean that people will be able to do the things they love, such as going to concerts and music festivals, staying out in bars and restaurants, going to the gym and sporting events.” Chris Hepkins, such as site reports Spinoff.

While details are still missing, it seems certain that proof of vaccination should be provided by everyone more than 12 To be able to access Eventsretail stores, mess, Sports facilities. While supermarkets will be excluded, Opposite, Health services, schools and petrol stations. The imagined scheme is more complex workplace: In all likelihood, a certificate will be required to operate, but companies may decide not to require proof of vaccination that will have one Valid for 6 months.

In this case, however, they will suffer of some kind Penalty, because in risk scenarios other than “Verdy” They will be forced to respect Capacity limits very strict, spacing Activities cannot be performed standing. In the “orange” and “red” levels, always explain Spinoff, the idea of ​​the government is from ending or a commitment not to contact. People under the age of 12 will be excluded from all restrictions, as well as those who have obtained a medical exemption confirming the need not to be vaccinated, a very small segment of the population that may amount to about a hundred people.

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