New Zealand is looking for candidates to protect the kiwi fruit

New Zealand is looking for candidates to protect the kiwi fruit

The Department of Conservation in Haast, New Zealand is looking for candidates to protect an endangered bird: the kiwi. But it’s hard to find candidates for this “dream job,” which consists of patrolling scenic landscapes. Therefore, the Ministry launched a call for applications.

Flying over New Zealand in a helicopter to save an endangered bird: New Zealand authorities are desperate to find candidates for this ‘dream’ job.

So far, the Department of Conservation in the small town of Haast, west of Mount Aspiring National Park, has received only three applications for the biodiversity supervisor position, said officer Wayne Costello.

“The main goal is to lead a team to save New Zealand’s rarest kiwi species, Hast Tokoika,” explains Wayne Costello. The job involves patrolling beautiful scenery and taking care of kiwis – a New Zealand flightless bird – penguins and lizards.

“The West Coast is a dream world for outdoor enthusiasts,” says Wayne Costello, who admits, however, that despite the “extraordinary beauty” of the towering mountains that surround Haast and its region, the Post has its downsides. “It’s quite secluded,” he admits: the nearest supermarket is two hours away, and the hospital four hours away.

500 people only

In addition, the population of this shy and “extremely nervous” kiwi is about 500 individuals and it is not so easy to find them. “Some of the places to go are by jet boat, or more often by helicopter because it is a very remote and challenging area.”

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Despite the lack of interest, Wayne Costello remains optimistic and has decided to extend the application deadline for another three weeks.

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